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“First pic of my collection”

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Ok here's a little pic of just what I have. Had to move some of my collection into this the other day so I could store more. As I go threw this stuff all add more pictures and more and more and more :) sorry have alot but here's something to get you started.
Your NES games make me cry a little...
You can take a bunch of pics and put them in a single post. You just have to have them uploaded somewhere first. Xeno taught me the HTML code to do it.
Ok nudged a few. I have a few followers, bot only a small number that are active.
i used to have a case like that. i put all my VHS in it. nice collection. @rawkr where did you go to put pics up like this?
You're using periods :D

My boy's all grown up
@SDyer87 Ypu mean the multi-pic posts? It is simple HTML code. I actually just uploaded the images to my media page and made a posting linking them all together.
Ooh! A shelf with cabinet doors made out of more shelves! I want one!
Ahh good old NES games. Makes me want to find mine and bust it out.
Yep all get around to posting more pics here shortly. This is only a small bit of my collection still tons more to come.
Here's some more of the collection still alot more to come. This should hold you animals off for awhile ;)

Make sure to click onto the pic for all the photo's still not all my collection but what I took pics of today.
@rawkr hold on I gotta try this out

Ah crap. I have created a monster!
It's that sales guy who shopped at the Riddler's garage sale! What's he doing here! Get him out of here before this turns into a spam site!
I would totally rock that jacket...if it comes with the cane. You know which one I am talking about.
omg how did this post go so wrong so fast.
If you dislikes the commentses, you cans deletes them.
No dont worry I dont mind its nice to have people active atleast :). Being disabled and alone most the time I dont get alot of attention so its nice to be able to read stuff thats funny to keep my attention off other things that arnt so great in my life.
Check out raptr then as well. There is a chat app so u can talk to some of us on there. I know a few ppl from here that use that as well. I'm slightly disabled myself, which is partly to blame for my sloven physique, but I can empathize. But check out raptr for the chat app it is just another little layer of connectedness.
@rawkr I second the want of that cane.
Dibbs! I happen to need a new cane!
For anyone wanting to follow me im now on raptr now my user name on it is Thunder87stang.
I like how my pic totally disappeared o.o
@Thunder87122 I am rawkr there as well. I was playing MW2 today and found someone named rawker, i was disappointed that someone else thought of it. I'll try for a gamertag change sometime in the future.
And now it's back. Weird
As far as I could tell, it was never missing. Did you look for the red X of lag?
Red X of lag....hmmm.....not that I remember.

Probably just my internet being moody
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